Mattress Memory Foam AmalfiMattress Memory Foam Amalfi
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  • Foam-Sonnocell
  • Removable Cover
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-mite
  • Washable
  • NWF
  • Vacuum

Mattress Memory Foam Amalfi

  • Special 3-zone removable cover, quilted with elastic thread.
  • Climate-control filling in silanized, anti-allergenic hollow fibre in 100% polyester
  • NWF 
  • Layer of Sonnocel Visco MEMORY 50 KG/m3 foam
  • Load-bearing section in Sonnocel 28 Kg/m3  orthopaedic foam
  • Sonnocel 35 Kg/m3 also adopted in the hip area
  • Total depth 18 cm
  • Max 130 Kg
  • Vacuum-packed in a box


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325,00 €

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Luxury 3-zone mattress with a load-bearing section in 4 cm thick Sonnocel Visco Memory foam, thanks to which there is a gradual return to the original position. This layer has unmatchable pliancy and the ability to adapt to every part of the body, thus favouring:

  • relaxation of the tendons, muscles and spine
  • prevention of problems related to sciatica
  • re-equilibration of incorrect posture deriving from sedentary work, for example.


The rigidity of the nucleus is reinforced at hip level with a special layer of Sonnocel 35. The mattress cover, quilted in different zones, is made with a special fabric known as Neutralize, capable of neutralising all the allergens present on the mattress.

Removable cover.


This is a foam of excellent quality with a special open pore structure. This makes it particularly breathable and offers excellent shape-holding properties.

Exceptional orthopaedic and ergonomic qualities are obtained by combining materials with different firmness, perforations and reinforcement. These mattresses are comfortable and adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. They hold their shape well and are long-lasting, guaranteeing rest of the highest quality.

As compared to the classic Pure foam, Sonnocel foam is distinguished by its larger pores, which make the mattresses more breathable and flexible.


This unique foam is capable of adapting to the body not only on the basis of the individual’s weight, but also by reacting to the body temperature.

When in contact with a warm body the mattresses become softer thanks to a slow return effect, limiting counter-pressure on exposed points and thus preventing bed sores.

The unique qualities of Sonnocel Visco Memory foam guarantee the greatest possible comfort during sleep. Thanks to its ability to react both to pressure and temperature, the foam adapts perfectly to the human body.

In this way there is a uniform distribution of weight and a reduction in the average pressure on the body.

It improves circulation of the blood and makes sleep more restful, as there is no longer a need to constantly change position. Mattresses with memory foam are recommended for people who suffer from sleep disorders and backache. These mattresses can be rested on rigid bases or slats.


Thanks to Neutralize it is possible to isolate the allergens that cause stress, so that the body can rest and regenerate itself. The Neutralize negative ions bond to the positively-charged allergens and neutralise them forever. The material can be washed without compromising the effect of Neuutralize.

  • Foam-Sonnocell
  • Removable Cover
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-mite
  • Washable
  • NWF
  • Vacuum
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